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Areena Estul

Performing elegant, classical and fusion "raqs sharki" Belly Dance in Santa Fe since 2004. Co-founder, co-director, teacher, soloist, troupe member and choreographer with The Saltanah Dancers (2006-2018) Areena Belly Dancer is a seasoned performer with well over 700 performances under her belt. - From restaurants in Santa Fe such as El Farol, Vanessie's, Pyramid Cafe and Cleopatra's birthdays, festivals and the Lensic Performing Arts Center, Santa Fe Bandstand on the Plaza, Meow Wolf and countless stage shows. Areena Belly Dancer's fluid, lyrical yet precise style will keep your eyes riveted! Gorgeous silk veils, balancing dances with candle tray and basket, fabulous costumes - with optional Mermaid & Goddess-themed costumes designed and created by Areena - increase the wow factor. With an intention to respect the origins and cultural context of Belly Dance, and other world dance forms, Areena avidly continues studying Egyptianraqs sharqi and Oriental Belly Dance, Folkloric Dances of the Middle East, Turkish Rom, Classical Persian, Bollywood, Hula, Spanish fusion, Ballroom and Latin Social Dances (salsa, cha-cha, bachata, merengue, kizomba, Brazilian zouk, cumbia and tango).

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Belly Dance Classes with Areena

Why should you try Belly Dance classes? Your body is a temple…be your own temple dancer and celebrate the precious body you have! Awaken your fabulous inner goddess! Let Areena be your playful guide in exploring the essentials of Oriental Belly Dance technique. Through a progression of fun and challenging isolations, layered movements, combinations, step patterns and more, we’ll groove to the dynamic and exciting rhythms of classical and contemporary Middle-Eastern music. Belly dance is a full-body movement practice that embraces all skill levels, ages and body types, cultivates core strength, balance, flexibility, musicality, sensuality…and joy! Pleasure is self-care, for body and soul. Multi-level ongoing class. Drop on by or contact Areena to register: